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Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail Northern Virginia Dashboard

Explore the PHNST

The Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail (PHNST) is a 900-mile, Congressionally-designated trail network that runs from the mouth of the Potomac River in Maryland and Virginia to the Alleghany Highlands in western Pennsylvania. Spanning over 137 miles across its section in Northern Virginia, the PHNST represents a historic, cultural, and natural resource for the region’s residents and visitors to explore and enjoy.


The Northern Virginia PHNST Dashboard serves as a interactive tool to explore NVRC's data and resources for the region's section of the trail. Dashboard users can find regularly updated data on PHNST attributes, activities, and other information to learn about the trail and access materials to support regional trail planning and programming. Users can navigate the dashboard through the main menu or by clicking on the buttons below.

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