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Regional Trail Management

In 2014, PHNST management stakeholders, the National Park Service, NVRC, and other relevant partners signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to formalize collaboration, completion, and promotion of trail segments in Northern Virginia. An updated MOU was signed in 2019 to include new management stakeholders and confirm associated roles to oversee and host the trail.

The PHNST corridor in Northern Virginia is coordinated by over 20 management stakeholders representing federal, state, regional, and local ownership. Management responsibilities often include inventorying of resources and mapping, planning and development of trail segments or sites, compliance, provision of appropriate public access, site interpretation, trail maintenance, route marking, resource preservation and protection, view-shed protection, and management of visitor use. See below for stakeholder contact information. 

In addition to management stakeholders, NVRC frequently collaborates with other government entities and community-based partners to enhance connectivity and accessibility for the PHNST and other trail networks in the region. These partners include, but are not limited to, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, National Capitol Planning Commission, Potomac Heritage Trail Association, Capital Trails Coalition, and Greater Prince William Trails Coalition. Each group provides expertise on the region’s trails and serve as important advocates for the development and implementation of new programs and projects for the PHNST.

PHNST Management Stakeholders 

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