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Background on 2024 Wayfinding and
Amenities Study 

Why is NVRC looking at wayfinding and amenities on the PHNST?

I. Outcomes from the Strategic Partnership Plan for the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail​ 2022-2027:

This plan included a focus on improving branding, marketing, wayfinding and signage so visitors can understand how to access, enjoy, and support the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail​.


Learn more about the Strategic Partnership Plan here. 

Outline of Strategic Partnership Plan for the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail

II. Results from the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail 2022 Northern Virginia Corridor Analysis: 

During the development of the Corridor Analysis, the PHNST management stakeholders identified a range of priorities and needs to advance and promote the trail. Top needs amongst all management stakeholders include increased wayfinding and interpretation materials as well as funding for trail maintenance activities​.


A number of management stakeholders discussed the need for inventorying assistance to be able to identify the wayfinding and amenities that exist along their section of the trail.



















Learn more at the Corridor Analysis here. 

Cover image of the 2022 Corridor Analysis Report

III. Results from the 2021 study "Health, Social Equity, and Economic Impact of the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail in Northern Virginia":

  • Findings indicated that "the biggest deterrents to participants and their families using the trail include a lack of accommodations (i.e., parking and restrooms) particularly for seniors and persons with disabilities, accessible online information, and wayfinding signage along the trail". ​

  • It revealed gaps in access points along the trail in moderately high and high socially vulnerable Census tracts. ​

  • Beyond direct links to the trail, improved pedestrian and bike infrastructure in the greater trail corridor would encourage additional use by residents. ​

Learn more about the Health, Social Equity, and Economic Impact study here.

Image of "Benefits of Existing Trail"

Volunteer Opportunity for Spring 2024

We need your help collecting important data on the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail (PHNST) in Northern Virginia! Learn how to use a mobile phone application to identify existing trail amenities, wayfinding, interpretive signage, and other characteristics along the PHNST in spring 2024. This data will help inform where the PHNST requires increased and improved signage and amenities for greater trail accessibility.


Interested in learning more or ready to volunteer? Take part in a virtual volunteer training event on March 28, 2024 from 5:30 - 6:30 pm. Beginners are welcome!

For any questions, please contact Linnea Sherman at

Sign Up Below to Volunteer!

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